Friday, February 3, 2012

Propeller Dance at TEDxRideau Canal

Propeller Dance was well represented this week at TEDxRideau Canal


 The theme for TEDxRideau Canal was integrative thinking.
Integrative thinking is not a revolutionary concept, yet the limits of what might be possible when it is fostered are as yet unbounded. Integrative thinking means moving beyond intellectual, professional, and social boundaries that group humans into separate boxes. Before we were painters, labourers, bureaucrats, scholars, or activists, we were all human beings and it is in the spirit of this common starting point that the oft cited but under appreciated slogan, “none of us are as strong as all of us” comes to life.


Nan said...

How did you get to the video? Would love to post a link on FB and other places! Nan

Nan said...

ne-ver mind. I figured it out!