Monday, January 30, 2012

A visit to the Children's Program

Dave Hingsburger shares the story of his niece's visit to the Children's program on his blog Rolling Around in My Head. Here's an excerpt:

Ruby came out and announced to me that she had just been a piece of cheese pizza! I looked perplexed and she just smiled. Joe explained to me later about how the class ended with all the kids laying down in a big circle and being cut into slices of pizza, when they were 'cut' from the group they got up and left. Ruby chose, as a vegetarian, to be a piece of cheese pizza.

Of all the things about the class that she could have told her parents. The differences of the other kids, the friendly support of the teachers and the encouragement of Jessie, that's what she chose to tell. 'Mom, Dad, I was a piece of cheese pizza!' Then she asked if she could join the class and go every Saturday. She'd have fun. So, Monday, she'll be registered.

You can read the whole piece at this link.