Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Propeller New Year

Imagine a dance studio, where dancers are leaping and spinning for joy. With laughter in their hearts and smiles on their faces they are excited to be back for a new year of performing, teaching and creating. We are all happy and thrilled to be working with each other again.

My name is Jessie Huggett, I’m 21 years old, and I have Down syndrome. I’m one of the company dancers in Propeller. Other dancers include Rob, Phil, Bella, Liz, Moni and as well as the co-directors Shara and Renata.

You’re probably wondering why I’m doing this. I will be writing this blog every week and I’ll be posting it up on the Propeller website. There will be interviews with the dancers and the co-directors, I’ll even tell you what the classes and the rehearsals are like. And I will update you on what Propeller is doing.

There is also a children’s program that runs through Propeller. The teaching assistants like Ximena, Liz, Bella and me are helping out the kids. And we are also really happy to be working with the kids again this year. This year the kids program team is kicking it up a notch. There is still room for new kids in the classes.

There are also recreational classes that Shara Weaver and Renata Soutter teach. Classes are Monday and Wednesday nights Propeller also has a website. If you want to check it out you can. You can reach us at

With the new year at hand Propeller is on it’s way to make a difference in the world. We hope you can join us to spread our message.