Friday, April 23, 2010

Vincent Dance Gives Workshop to Propeller Dancers

Tuesday April 20, Vincent Dance Theatre came and hosted a workshop with Propeller dance. They taught us about staying connected to our dance partners, the different moves you can make with your body and letting your arms loose so your dance partner can catch you when you dance.

In this workshop I learned a lot about different ways of moving. It’s great to get to know other dance companies around the world because we all experience the same passion. I am grateful for the Vincent Dance Theatre because they taught us other movements we didn’t already know.

Charlotte Vincent led the workshop along with her dancers Kip Johnson, Luisa Lazzaro, Harry Theaker, and Aurora Lubos. The music was really fun and energetic and it helped us a lot with our movements. It was all strings and it was upbeat and fun, with Patrycja Kujawsk on the violin and Alexandru Catona on the cello!

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Tonight, Friday April 23 I am going to see Vincent Dance at the NAC perform Broken Chords. Look for a review this weekend!