Monday, April 26, 2010

Broken Chords Review

On April 23 I saw the Vincent Dance show at the NAC and they were amazing. The title of the dance was “Broken Chords,” and it was about Charlotte’s divorce (Charlotte Vincent is the choreographer). I actually felt that I was in the dance. It made me think about the pain and sorrow that Charlotte felt back then. The stage was set up almost like a movie theatre with lots of chairs in rows. Slowly one by one people from the Vincent Dance Company sat down or lay on the ground. When the music started the people began running and lifting their partners.

I liked the part when Kip (one of the dancers) began to introduce his jazz movements; it made the pain seem less strong. It was really funny. When I saw the duets I saw lots of strong, broad and delicate movements. They were giving their weight on their partners.

I recommend this dance company to viewers who are the ages of 13 and up. It was a pleasure working with the Vincent Dance Company and I hope that one day I can work with them in England!