Monday, March 25, 2013

Warm Ups

You’re probably wondering what we do in our dance rehearsals. While we are in rehearsal we like to have some time where we like to get into our body and stretch. It keeps each and every one of us in tune to our body, and stretching and warming up is really good stamina to stay in shape and to get fit so we, as professional dancers, can give the best performance. In our warm ups we like the idea of using a technical warm up, or we sometimes use different topics like, for example using isolation. Isolation is when you isolate one part of your body, or to move that one part of your body. 

In Propeller we like to think that our bodies are our instruments. And in our warm ups we like to work on our core strength, balance, and our abs, and sometimes in our warm ups we do sit ups and push ups. We really love working on our core strength because it helps us with our balance.

There’s a lot to know when working out and staying in shape. You need to eat the right food and choose healthy alternatives so that way you can see the results. If any of you want to be a dancer and performer, remember to warm up.      


Cindy said...

Great advice!