Monday, March 4, 2013

Taking Off: Propeller Dance Children's Show at the Aviation Museum

Ever wonder what’s going on in the children’s program? I’m glad you asked, we are really busy rehearsing dance pieces based on airplanes, balls, and insects for the kid’s end of year show at the Space And Aviation Museum. I had the pleasure to talk to Ximena Puente about her piece that she created and choreographed herself. She said that her choreography has very bold and extended movement, her choreography works with a lot of long lines and extensions.

Shara is also co-creating a piece with Kathy and Jon from Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre about airplanes and balls, which is really exiting for us. There are also other dances about arctic animals and penguins, which will be super fun. This show will blow you away, hope all of you can come out and see this performance.

Come to the show on Sunday May 5th, at the Canada Space and Aviation Museum at 1pm. See you there!