Monday, May 17, 2010

Propeller Kids Rock! and growl and grow and . . .

Sunday was the Propeller Kids performance at the Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre. The kids danced really well and performed four pieces.

The first piece was the baby gorilla story performed by the 3–6 year olds, who also performed the flower piece. The 7–11 year olds then performed a piece about puppets and then a piece about objects they brought to class. Then the Propeller Performing group danced two black fly stories one was about how the hawk made peace with the northern woodland animals and the second was about a black fly who was left out because he couldn’t fly in a straight line.

Brenna Rivier, mom to Sadie, one of the dancers in the 3–6 year old class, loved the show.

“I am forever touched by the beauty of that moment of watching when one of our dancers has that inside feeling of YES!!! You see it as a twinkle in the eye, a smile across the face or a certain lift in the step or a faint, subtle tilt of the head and you know that inside that kid is beaming because they have done IT – whatever IT may be that for that child!! That is precious way beyond words!”

It was a great end to a wonderful year.

I really enjoyed helping teach the kids in the kids program this year along with Shara, Bella and Ximena on Saturday mornings. I had so much fun dancing with the kids and supporting them. I love teaching kids dance because it is an area that I have a strength in.

Jason Sonier is an awesome musician and I like working with him. His music is very energetic, inspirational and fun. He is also a great person once you get to know him. His music gets the kids dancing and it also makes the kids have a positive vibe.

As for Bella and Ximena, they have had a great time teaching. Bella helps the kids pay attention to what they are doing. She is a great performer and teaching assistant. Bella is also in the Propeller Performing Group. She brings her hard work, energy, positive attitude and her smile. Ximena loves dancing and helping kids. She contributes a lot of creativity and originality. She has a son Sebastian who volunteers with the program. He helps us a lot with the promotions for the classes. And Daniela. Outgoing and fun loving Daniela likes to dance too; she also likes socializing with the kids and having fun.

Shara Weaver!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shara is a stunning performer, teacher and co director and she inspires me to believe in myself, to express my feelings and thoughts through movement and to try new things. But most importantly the kids!!!!! The kids that we teach makes us feel joyful, happy, and exited. We are honored to teach them.