Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dance Is Life

Alito and participants on the grass
May 24, 2010

Yes we get lunch! And this is a picture of Alito Alessi on the grass outside the University of Calgary building where we all shared lunch.

Today at the workshop Alito Alessi taught us about touching and not touching, far and close with our dance partners. We also put together a great dance. We all worked together as a team. We put all of our creative ideas into one big product. Its amazing to see what everyone can do when we work as a team and when we are with our dance partners.

It reminds us that we are important to the world and that our voices need to be heard. As dancers, performers and teachers we see things that no one has ever seen before. Integrated dance is absolutely important in every way because if there wasn’t integrated dance in the world then no one would be included. Integrated dance should be part in every day life. There should be integrated dance classes in primary schools, kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten because every kid deserves a chance to express themselves. They also need to be heard.

I also realized that dance is not just a hobby it is life. It is life because it's a way to express yourself through inspiration and movement. Dance is a powerful way to speak.


Dreamtime said...

Hi I'm Paola Banone. i couldn't spleep this night I'm very worried for our Intrernational Dance Festival Dreamtime: dance with no limits that it's going to take place in Milanmo from 11 till 14 june.
if you want to attend the festival we can provide for your staying.
I get my diplome in DanceAbility in 2005 with one of the founder of Propeller Dance Shara. I say hi to her and I hope to see you soon.
Paola Banone