Thursday, June 12, 2008

Check out Mark Rehder's Blog

Mark's musical equipment

Mark's musical setup

Mark Rehder, a man of many talents and musician for the Monday Night Class has a blog called Drumbent - Tales of (Mostly) Music and Motion.

In his latest posting about last week's performance, he provides a fascinating look at the musical side of the show. It never occurred to me that our musicians might be feeling challenged and pushed out of their comfort zone just like us dancers.

Here's an excerpt from Mark:

... I've spent most of my life sitting behind a drumset and playing fairly straightforward music. Yes, I can of course improvise (and love to!) and am often looking for ways of putting my stamp on the music, but both with the Grasshoppa dance group and Propeller I often have to make music and sounds on the spot, and not always just melodic ideas or themes. And it took me a little while to feel comfortable with the idea that some of the more "interesting" ideas were musically valid. But the more I do this the more I know I'm doing the right thing...